Laser cutting sheet metal is at the heart of what we do at Milton Manufacturing. Our lasers are extremely accurate and able to cut exact specifications on a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, and wood. Milton’s three laser cutters at 2500 watts, 4000 watts and 6000 watts offer a variety of options including cutting sheets of metal up to 1 inch and aluminum up to 1/2 inch. Our 6-axis laser can cut metal tubes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including both round and square tubes. One of our lasers is equipped with flying optics with an integrated material management system that allow us to run “lights out” for 48 hours. Request a quote today, or call 313-366-2450 to learn more about how Milton Manufacturing can help meet your laser-cutting needs!

NSF 16949

We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers and going beyond what is expected with every aspect of a project. With over 65 years of experience producing quality work, competitive pricing and providing on-time delivery, we leave our customers satisfied with every aspect of their project. Please watch our video and explore our web site to learn more about our Capabilities, History, Milton Method and how American made. Detroit proud. will help take your project to the next level.