Milton owns four Genesis robotic welding cells equipped with Lincoln and Fronius welding machines, two of which have 360° rotating dial tables for complete access. The dial tables allow components to be loaded into fixtures, which clamp the parts in place to provide consistent location of material prior to welding. This process allows the operator and weld robots to be working at the same time.  Robotic welding is ideal when consistent, repetitive welds are called for. Our skilled, seasoned operators can handle both low- and high-quantity jobs with accuracy and speed. Request a quote today, or call 313-366-2450 to learn more about how Milton Manufacturing can help you!

NSF 16949

We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers and going beyond what is expected with every aspect of a project. With over 65 years of experience producing quality work, competitive pricing and providing on-time delivery, we leave our customers satisfied with every aspect of their project. Please watch our video and explore our web site to learn more about our Capabilities, History, Milton Method and how American made. Detroit proud. will help take your project to the next level.