OGPK Cover

  • Constructed using fabrics developed over the last 60 years to meet government and military standards of performance.
  • UV resistant, ozone resistant, flame resistant, puncture/tear/abrasion resistant, mildew resistant and chemical resistant.
  • Flexible and can withstand extreme temperature variants without compromising performance.
  • Vented cover to allow air flow without water penetration. No ballooning of cover.
  • Bracket is spring loaded allowing for quick, easy installation. No tools needed.
  • Cinch straps below ring edge with buckles tighten cover for transport.
  • Highway tested to 70 mph.
  • 95% water resistant, including water resistant coil zippers.
  • Glued-reinforcement patches.
  • Deck sewn seams for durability.
  • Designed to interact with transport covers.
  • Comes with carrying case for easy storage and transport.
  • Lightweight—only 26 lbs bagged—for easy transport.

View the OGPK Cover Installation Demonstration Video

OGPK Cover

SVRS (Situational Vehicle Readiness System)

  • Full-vehicle “sleeping bag” for long-term storage.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • PowerFilm® solar technology.
  • Trickle charge vehicle battery, performs even in low light.
  • Flexible, shatter-proof solar cells.
  • Intercept Fabric Technology.
  • Anti-corrosion material.
  • Mildew and water resistant fabric with water resistant coil zippers.


Transport Cover

  • Same fabric benefits as other covers.
  • Integrates easily with OGPK via simple zipper system.
  • Door flaps on side and back allow access without removing cover.
  • Fabric covering opening is easily cut away for hatch installation.
  • Camera flap and pockets for accessories (lights, antennae, etc.).
  • Convenient bag for storage and transport.
  • Only 32 lbs when bagged.
  • UV/ozone protection for windows during long-term storage.
  • None-reflective material.
  • Can include built-in windshield for sight during transport.

RWS cover

  • The same benefits of the OGPK cover for your RWS.


Slam Hatch

  • Fits all MRAP and MATV vehicles. Additional vehicles pending.
  • Gasketing at all possible water intrusion points.
  • Fire retardant insulation material.
  • Improved ring brush, latching and backstop performance.
  • Bolted construction for simplified field repairs.
  • Ships as an assembled unit for simplified installation.

Slam Hatch
Slam Hatch

Split Hatch (coming soon)

  • Same benefits as the Slam Hatch for additional vehicles.

SHLD (Slam Hatch Leak Defense)

  • Fits all MRAP and MATV vehicles. Additional vehicles pending.
  • Hatches in field can be leak-proofed without any modifications to the truck or the slam hatch as currently installed using the SHLD.
  • Low cost and lightweight.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Durable in extremes of weather and ready for tactical vehicle field conditions.


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