At Milton, welders work with Fronius welding equipment and are continually being trained in the newest techniques and methods. We have a Certified Welding Inspector on staff who makes sure jobs are being completed according to individual customer specifications. Our welding staff and engineers are well versed in a variety of metals including aluminum, stainless, mild steel, high-strength/high-yield steels, Domex, Ex-Ten 50 and high-strength low alloys. With our large number of MIG/TIG welding stations, we can get jobs done quickly and accurately. The Milton welding team also gives back to the community by being part of the Welding Advisory Board for the Davis Aerospace Technical High School in Detroit. Request a quote today, or call 313-366-2450 to learn more about how Milton Manufacturing can help you!

NSF 16949

We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers and going beyond what is expected with every aspect of a project. With over 65 years of experience producing quality work, competitive pricing and providing on-time delivery, we leave our customers satisfied with every aspect of their project. Please watch our video and explore our web site to learn more about our Capabilities, History, Milton Method and how American made. Detroit proud. will help take your project to the next level.